The Regional Food Bank hosts all kinds of volunteers – individuals, groups, those completing school or religious education requirements, and those that are required to volunteer to fulfill court orders of community service.

Court Mandated Requirements

  • Court mandated volunteers will be asked the number of hours they need to complete, the date by which they must complete those hours, and the court issuing the hours.
  • Court mandated volunteers will track their hours in a binder at the Food Bank, recording the beginning and end time for each shift and having each shift initialed by a Food Bank staff person.
  • Upon completion of hours, the Food Bank will mail, fax, or email a letter to the relevant court indicating successful completion of the program, if required. It is up the individual to request this paperwork.
  • Court mandated volunteers will work alongside staff and other volunteers and must wear work-appropriate clothing. No slippers, open-toed shoes, or sandals will be permitted.
  • Court mandated volunteers that spend time texting, using cell phones, causing disruptions or being otherwise unproductive will not have their hours counted and will be asked to leave.
  • Court mandated volunteers that schedule a shift and then fail to appear or call in advance to reschedule will not be allowed to return. They will need to contact the court for a different placement.

Getting Started

To begin your court mandated service, contact our Volunteer Coordinators at 518-786-3691, x234 or by email at volunteers@regionalfoodbank.netWe cannot accommodate sex offenders due to the large number of children in our volunteer ranks.