Salvage and Sorting RoomThe Regional Food Bank’s state-of-the-art salvage operation features an automated conveyor belt and pushback racking on a deck over the sorting area. With the conveyor system, sorted salvage is directed to one of three locations: packing area, sink, or dump trailer outside the building. The racking allows raw salvage to be properly stored within the confines of the salvage room. The salvage operation is designed to maximize space utilization and the efficiency of salvage sorting. The dense pack racking and efficient conveyor system allow the Food Bank to accept all salvage donations, offer volunteers an ergonomic workspace, and make sorted salvage available to member agencies on a consistent basis.

The Food Bank’s Salvage Program has been called the best in the network by visitors from Feeding America and other food banks. The conveyor system, with its three destinations, is truly unique in that it incorporates the best of several automated sorting designs used by many other food banks. The ability to accept all salvage donations and keep pace with sorting to assure timely product rotation was at the forefront of the project’s design. The space allows the Food Bank to incorporate more volunteers, sort more food, reduce waste, cut costs, and increase salvage distribution and service to member agencies.