The Roots

The Regional Food Bank, in partnership with the Patroon Land Foundation, manages a sustainable farm that grows large quantities of high-quality vegetables that supplies the Food Bank and 1,000 partnering agencies in 23 counties with diverse, fresh produce to people in need.

Welcome to the Patroon Land Farm!

The 162-acre farm was constituted to preserve the farmland in 1997 through the Patroon Land Foundation to preserve the property, cultivate the land to grow food to feed the hungry, and educate students and the community as a whole about agriculture. In 2006, the Regional Food Bank assumed the Farm’s management.

The Farm is truly an effort of the community at large. Volunteers, private donors, corporations, and other organizations continue to support the Farm through financial and/or in-kind contributions. These contributions have allowed the Farm to develop the necessary infrastructure and purchase equipment to improve our operations and fulfill our mission.

To learn more about the history of the Patroon Land Farm, check out this timeline, which starts with the farm’s founding in 1923.

The Mission

Preserve the farmland.

Feed the hungry.

Provide education.