The Century House holds a special place in our hearts at the Regional Food Bank. For more than 20 years, the owners and staff of The Century House have found a multitude of ways to contribute to the Food Bank’s work. Early on, they made financial and in-kind donations to our various fundraisers.

In 2000, they did a beautiful job hosting our 6th Annual Chefs & Vintners’ Harvest Dinner which raised thousands of dollars. They continued that type of support until 2008. Then everything changed – for the better. When the economy collapsed in the second half of that year, The Century House decided they needed to do more to assist people hurt by the recession and do it in a way that would motivate others to help too. So, they created the Enjoy One … Share One program where they committed to donate a meal to the Food Bank for every meal they served and hotel room they booked.

Since that time, they have donated the equivalent of more than one million meals for our hungry neighbors. Amazingly, they have increased their support in other ways at the same time. They have provided financial and chef support for the Chefs & Vintners’ Harvest Dinner, participated in the Mac & Cheese Bowl, and financially supported many of our other fundraising activities.

We are truly blessed to have such great friends. We thank The Century House for everything they do for the Food Bank and the people we serve.


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