Ardent Mills is North America’s leading supplier of flour with facilities throughout the United States and Canada. Locally, they have a mill at the Port of Albany.

Since 2014, Ardent Mills has been one of the Food Bank’s most active and generous financial supporters. They are currently major sponsors of our Golf Tournament, Chefs & Vintners’ Harvest Dinner, and Mac & Cheese Bowl, and have somehow found a way to increase their level of sponsorship on a regular basis. We are proud of these annual events, but realize their success is highly dependent on sponsorship funding from companies like Ardent Mills.

Ardent Mills support of three different events is uncommon to say the least. Very few companies are involved in our fundraising activities to that extent. They also have helped recruit other companies to support the Food Bank’s work. In addition, Ardent Mills has sent volunteer groups to our Farm and warehouse so they can learn more about our operation.

We have developed a special relationship with our friends at Ardent Mills over the last six years and are deeply grateful for all the good they do for the Food Bank and the people we serve.

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