Our Receiving and Distribution teams (pictured at left) are a key part of our operation, and their value cannot be overstated.  

Our Receiving team is responsible for unloading dozens of trailers of food each week. In addition, they ensure our product is categorized accurately in our inventory system and stored safely and efficiently. 

Our Distribution team, as many of you know, assists our agency partners with picking up their orders. These team members also ensure we have items available for order add-ons during pickup, and they do it with warmth and caring. Laughter and camaraderie are part of each day as staff members and agency representatives share the work of hunger relief.  

Both teams have a huge impact on reducing food waste by ensuring we swiftly move as much quality product as possible. They identify items with short shelf lives to promote to our agency partners while they are still safe to eat and have retained their nutritional value. These teams also work to ensure our product is safe and of high quality by inspecting it both upon arrival and at distribution out of our facility.  

Our team also supports local farmers by diverting food that is not fit for human consumption away from landfills and putting it to use at local farms, wildlife facilities, and pet shelters. 

Our Distribution and Receiving teams have an immeasurable impact on our ability to deliver on our mission to alleviate hunger, reduce food waste, and help our neighbors in need.