Mechanical Dynamics & Analysis (MDA) has been a stalwart of support for the Farm from the very beginning.  John Vanderhoef, CEO, made the commitment to purchase and erect a greenhouse at the Farm and provide additional funding for drainage installation in the fields in 2010.  The following year, 2011, the greenhouse was erected and is still in operation today.  The greenhouse is essential to farm operations: all of the vegetables that are grown on the farm start as seeds in the greenhouse.  The seeds push through the soil in their seed trays and mature into transplants about 2 – 3 inches high when they are planted in the ground. By purchasing our own seeds, we are able to select the best seeds for our growing conditions and develop our own planting schedule.   

We needed a heated equipment barn where winter repairs, routine maintenance, and painting could take place on all the farm equipment.  Again, MD&A stepped up and provided the funding and the construction of the barn in 2015. The barn is still serving its original purpose and also houses the Farm’s office.  

Last year, after receiving a grant to purchase a second greenhouse, we were still short of funds and MD&A once again stepped up and provided the remaining funding needed for the purchase.  

2023 brought a new challenge: strong winds at the Farm ripped apart the top layer of plastic on the greenhouse which forms the roof and is essential for operation and the safety of the layer of plastic below forming the second part of the roof.  We sent out an emergency SOS to MD&A and they immediately replied they would help us in any way that was needed.  Eventually, that lead to a major volunteer effort. Mark Passino headed a team of their employees who arrived at the Farm on January 11 to replace the torn plastic with new plastic and a new roof.  

This Spring will see the return of MD&A to the Farm.  The greenhouse they helped purchase in 2022 will now become their construction project.  In addition, they will also send a crew out to reconstruct our current high tunnels and put them in working order with the application of new plastic, overhead doors, and fans.  This will greatly lengthen our growing season and increase the production of vegetables.  

MD&A has become more than a supporter of the Farm; they truly have become our very valued and greatly appreciated partner!