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Earlier this month, we sent out an email announcing the transition to our new software system! We always look for ways to improve our capabilities so that you, our partners, are better positioned with the tools that you need to #alleviatehunger. Our new software system is user-friendly, will allow us to provide you with more inventory details (yay!), and will allow you to run your own reports! The rollout of the software’s entire functionality will occur over time. 

We are excited to offer you training opportunities!

Watch our updated Training Video to see all the functions at your convenience. Click HERE 


Sign up for our Virtual Trainings to learn in real time. Click the links below to register for the class that would work for you!

June 18th – 1pm

June 21st – 10am

June 26th – 11am

June 28th – 2pm

July 1st – 1pm

July 9th – 10am


Please note: In order to ensure a smooth transition, there will be necessary downtime on our online ordering system. Our current online ordering system will be shut down beginning Friday, June 28th at 2pm. Our new online ordering system will be available beginning on Tuesday, July 2nd at 10am. Any online orders not checked out by Friday, June 28th at 2pm will be canceled and online ordering will not be available during the downtime.

To make sure the transition does not interrupt our service to you, all orders for Monday, July 8th , Tuesday, July 9th , or Wednesday, July 10th , must be placed by Friday, June 28th at 2pm.

Please mark these important dates on your calendar. As always, if you have any questions, please call us at 518-786-3691 x260 or email us at fborders@regionalfoodbank.net.

Reminder on our new ordering window

All orders may be opened six business days before intended pick up, and must be submitted by 2:00pm three business days before the pickup date.
Please see the table below for a guide on when orders need to be submitted during a regular week, with no holidays or closures.

Placing an Order

Agencies can place food orders for pickup from our warehouses or delivery sites.  Please see the resources below for more information.

Our Inventory can be viewed here – this version is updated Monday, Tuesday, and Friday.  Our live version can be accessed through PWW by viewing “Print Shopping List.”

Orders can be placed 3-6 business days before pickup. Orders can be placed online, by phone or email.

Order Guide

Delivery & Distribution Calendar

Online Ordering Quick Tips

Online Ordering

Start your online order here. To receive a PWW log-in, you must be an active program, and attend a short training. Contact the Member Services Department or view our “Agency Education” page for upcoming training dates! You can also access a recorded version of the training HERE! Please be sure to provide the required information following the training.

By Email

Send your completed Order Form by email, or send an email that includes item numbers, item names and quantities desired, along with contact information for those placing the order AND picking up the order (if different). E-mail orders are placed Monday-Friday, 9:00am-2:00pm.
Latham: FBorders@regionalfoodbank.net
Cornwall: FBHVorders@foodbankofhudsonvalley.org

By Phone

When placing an order by phone, provide your name, phone number and program ID#. Please have all your desired items listed ahead of time so that the order can be placed in a timely fashion. Phone orders are placed Monday-Friday, 9:00am-2:00pm.
Latham: 518-786-3691
Cornwall: 845-534-5344