To assist our member programs with their important work of feeding those in need, the Food Bank developed a fundraising effort called Adopt-a-Program, or AAP. AAP establishes lines of credit for member agencies to offset their shared maintenance contributions and the costs of purchased food. These credits enable programs to secure more food for their clients. 100% of AAP contributions go on account for member agencies. AAP also allows the Food Bank to extend its reach throughout a 23-county service area, and allows donors to keep their funds in the local community.

The Food Bank solicits AAP donations from churches, community groups, companies, and individuals. Donors may select specific agencies to support or allow the Food Bank to select agencies most in need. Adopt-a-Program helps agencies stretch their food buying power, and enables donors to address local needs in an efficient and effective manner.

To make a donation, visit our donation page and choose to Apply Your Donation To “Adopt a Program.” On the second page, indicate the program name or number.

For more information about AAP, please contact:

Valerie Ridgeway
518-786-3691 x244