The Regional Food Bank wishes to provide volunteers with safe, productive, rewarding experiences, and to that end created a Code of Conduct which all volunteers are required to follow.

Code of Conduct for Volunteers

  1. Volunteers must follow these safety practices while at the Regional Food Bank.
  2. Volunteers will listen to and follow instructions of Volunteer Coordinators.
  3. Volunteers will dress appropriately for work in a warehouse (closed-toe, sturdy shoes; in layers when it’s cold; in clothes that can get dirty).
  4. Volunteers will stay away from moving equipment and machinery.
  5. Volunteers will exercise reasonable care and use accepted safety precautions in carrying out assigned duties.
  6. Volunteers will not use headphones, ear plugs, or iPods while volunteering. Cell phone use is permitted only in the volunteer break room.
  7. Volunteers will only consume food or beverages in the break room or other approved area.
  8. Volunteers will not consume any Food Bank product or remove it from the premises for personal use. This includes items deemed as trash.
  9. Volunteers will report all accidents or injuries immediately to a staff person.
  10. Volunteers will notify a Volunteer Coordinator if at any time they are unable to fulfill the duties to which they have been assigned.
  11. Volunteers will listen to Volunteer Coordinators for evacuation instructions in the event a fire alarm sounds.
  12. Volunteers who fail to follow these directions may be asked to leave and not return.