Member’s Guide

Food Pantries, Soup Kitchens, Emergency Shelters and Others

Agency List

The Regional Food Bank provides food assistance to over 1,000 charitable agencies serving hungry and disadvantaged people, including:

  • Food Pantries
  • Soup Kitchens
  • Emergency Shelters
  • Youth Programs
  • Senior Programs
  • Programs for the Disabled

These agencies receive more than half of their food from the Regional Food Bank and report that loss of support from the Food Bank would have a devastating or significant impact on their operations (Hunger in America 2006).

People of all ages, races, genders, and physical and mental abilities benefit from the work of the Food Bank. Nearly 50% of the people served by food pantries are children.

The Food Bank operates a variety of programs to maximize the amount of food and technical support it provides:
Agency Workshops
BackPack Program
Summer Food Service Program.