The Regional Food Bank of Northeastern New York and the Food Bank of Hudson Valley have launched a five-year Strategic Plan to ensure equitable food distribution across our 23-county service area. In developing this plan, we revised our mission and vision statements to better align with the goals and objectives we set out to accomplish.

OUR MISSION: To lead a network of partners to alleviate hunger, prevent food waste, and nourish the communities we serve.

OUR VISION: All people have the nutritious food they need to thrive.

OUR VALUES: We model our values in our everyday actions – Integrity, Teamwork, Respect, Patience, Compassion, Kindness, Hard Work and Excellence, Responsible Stewardship, Communication, and Trust.

Our Strategic Plan focuses on five strategic areas:

  1. SERVE – Working with our partners, we will provide equitable access to the nutritious food required to meet the needs of the individuals and communities we serve.
  2. STRENGTHEN – We will build and sustain the Food Bank and partner capabilities required to meet our community service objectives.
  3. ENGAGE – We will develop relationships, facilitate conversations, and provide experiences that unify and mobilize communities and the public around the issues of hunger and food waste.
  4. STEWARD – We will utilize the resources entrusted to us in a manner that reflects our values and respects our employees, donors, and stakeholders.
  5. INNOVATE – We will continuously explore new business models, partnerships, and services in pursuit of advancing our community impact and realizing our vision.

We have also committed to:

  • Invest in the acquisition of additional quantities of food for our neighbors in need
  • Continue to obtain nutritious and culturally relevant food items
  • Make strategic investments with our partners to close the meal gap
  • Launch direct distribution services to distribute food more equitably in places where there are no pantries
  • Enhance our service to the six Hudson Valley counties we serve while greatly reducing transportation costs with the construction of a new distribution center in Orange County
  • Improve internal efficiencies with technological enhancements to our operation

By 2027, the Regional Food Bank, in collaboration with our network partners, will ensure equitable access to the nutritious food required to fully meet the needs of people struggling with hunger in all parts of our service area. This plan will require an investment of time, skills, and resources to fully meet the needs of the food insecure in our area. We cannot achieve this amazing feat without the hard work of our staff, the help of thousands of volunteers, partnerships with local farms and producers, and YOU!