1. Oh, thank you, Jim! I love that you have shared these troubling memories with us. Sometimes we think we are far removed from such an era, but we have plenty of proof otherwise. Did you read Mamie Pound’s story about the N-word? I posted it on FB. She really drives home the reality of how people just go along with the blatant racism. I am glad your family raised you differently. Thankful that you understood even as a young boy the wrongness of such behaviors. Thank you for being my friend!Thank you Karen for writing and sharing this hard and truthful article. I grew up in the south and witnessed all the conditions you wrote about. How the community reacted to my family because my daddy took a black couple with children to visit her dying Mother. And how they emphasized, “On a Sunday of all days.” And how frightened I was while waiting in the barbershop with my daddy and looking out the window as the KKK motorcade drove down Main Street. All the commotion outside upset me. Oh how angry my daddy was about it.So many stories I could tell. Thank you again for your words of wisdom and your friendship.

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