Hunger in AmericaIn order to solve the problem of hunger, first we must understand it. To that end, the Food Bank is participating in Hunger in America 2009, a national study on domestic hunger that will reveal who is in need, how the need is met and by whom.

The Food Bank seeks not only to immediately alleviate hunger through the distribution of food to people in need, but also to solve the problem of hunger in the long-term through public education and by advocating changes to programs and policies that support low-income Americans. Through thousands of face-to-face client interviews and surveys of local charitable agencies, Hunger in America 2009 will chronicle the nature and incidence of demand for emergency food assistance which, in turn, will help food banks develop programs to better address the burgeoning need. The results will also better inform the public policy discourse so that federal nutrition programs can better serve those in need.

For more information about Hunger in America 2009, please contact Dan Breheny at 518-786-3691, x268 or


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